Welcome to ORPLID Darmstadt e.V.
Association for Sports and Naturism.

This site aims to give you a little insight into the modern world of ORPLID Darmstadt.
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One of the oldest naturist and family associations in Germany invites you to enjoy your leisure time with a wide range of activities. Find friends with whom you can share your interests and hobbies, keep fit with sport or simply leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Throughout the year there is always “something going on". Our Association is the perfect place to find something to do especially for families. Already the name of our association “ORPLID Darmstadt – Association for Sports and Naturism” shows what we can provide for our members. But it is best to see for yourself what a modern association can offer you today.

Not only during the summer months but the whole year round, our members and guests can find a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities located in our spacious grounds. Participants come from all over Germany and Europe for national and international tournaments and events. There are many different offers for younger and older visitors to spend their free time on our grounds.

Discover ORPLID, where you can swim in our swimming pool; relax in the different saunas; sit with friends chatting on the terrace as well as play volleyball or beach volleyball; attain the German Sports Certificate; etc.. Enjoy the natural environment which we call our "Paradise ORPLID" with pride and which our members have created with their own hands.

By the way, the name “ORPLID” is a word created by the poet Eduard Moerike and his friend Ludwig Bauer meaning a fantasy land where human beings can realize their ideals of a better community.


Have fun at “Paradise ORPLID”!